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What is NuvaFlex B?

Since historical times, it has been known that Maori natives living along coastal areas of New Zealand have a far lower incidence of joint pains and arthritis compared to those living inland. This observation has now been attributed to their regular consumption of raw, fresh green-lipped mussels...

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  • My Backache is almost Gone
    "I am 35 and always had back ache. I've recently found out that this is due to wear on my lower discs and some disc protrusions. I am doing some new exercises to help relieve the pain. However, I started taking Biolane® every day. After 2 weeks the pain has almost gone."

    Chris Bunn, 35 years (United Kingdom)
  • Even the Doctors are Amazed by My Recovery
    "I have been suffering from joint pains the last 16-17 years. I was experiencing difficulty in mobility with unbearable pain in the knees. I have tried many known treatments (Allopathic, Ayurveda etc.) but there was no significant comfort. "
    Kusum Lata Rana, 80 years (India)
NuvaFlex B’s radio commercial
Visit by MHI to NuvaFlex B Mussel Farm

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