What is NuvaFlexB™?

NuvaFlexB™ is a natural functional food supplement to assist in the maintenance of joint mobility and the prevention of joint problems.

What is the active ingredient in NuvaFlexB™?

NuvaFlexB™ contains Biolane®, an extract of New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel (GLME), a clinically tested anti-aging and anti-inflammatory formulation for joints.

Who can take NuvaFlexB™?

People who are suffering from the following conditions:

  • Rheumatism
  • Joint inflammation

What is the recommended dosage for NuvaFlexB™?

For an initial course of 3-4 months, take 2 capsules TWICE daily. This can be reduced to a dose of 2 capsules daily for continued joint maintenance. Doses can be increased whenever necessary to achieve improved mobility.

When should NuvaFlexB™ be taken?

NuvaFlexB™ can be taken at any time of the day, immediately after meals.

How is NuvaFlexB® different from other Green Lipped mussel products?

Well-known brands containing Biolane® such as Seatone and Musseltone sold abroad are marketed in Malaysia under the brand name NuvaFlex B™. The only way you will be able to tell is the Biolane® trademark name as assurance of it being the original ACTIVE green-lipped mussel extract that works.

Only Biolane® is able to preserve the active components of the green-lipped mussel extract through its unique extraction method to bring you a SAFE product that you can take with confidence.

The manufacturers of Biolane® own the mussel farm which also supplies mussels to the food industry locally and internationally. The choice morsels are of course selected to produce Biolane®.

NuvaFlex B™ Active GLME vs Glucosamine and Green-Lipped Mussel Oil (GLMO)

Function Benefit Biolane® Glucosamine Green-Lipped Mussel Oil
MMP Inhibition – Slows Arthritis Progression Disease-modifying actions produce Longer-lasting results +++
Anti-Inflammatory Anti-swelling, redness, pain +++
Marine mineral healing properties Supplies nutrients to nourish joints +++
Gastro-protection Protects the stomach from the side effects of painkillers +++

Remarks: + positive effect, no effect

Do I need to take NuvaFlexB™ continuously?

Most people who find relief from their condition after taking NuvaFlex B™ continue to take it without any problems. Because they do not wish to return to their previous state, users do take NuvaFlexB™ for the long term. NuvaFlexB™ has been in the market for over 30 years with no reports of adverse side effects with long-term use. Such a track record lends confidence to its safety and profile.

Can NuvaFlexB™ be taken together with glucosamine / chondroitin?

Yes. As a joint anti-inflammatory product, NuvaFlexB™ works differently from glucosamine. Glucosamine is the “raw material” used by joint cells to rebuild damaged cartilage while NuvaFlexB™ helps rejuvenate damaged joint cells to utilize this “raw material”. Those who have not experienced benefits from glucosamine or chondroitin should take NuvaFlex B™ because of its actions.

Should I stop my painkillers when I start on NuvaFlexB™?

No. Those who abruptly stop their painkillers will feel pain as the actions of NuvaFlexB™ are slow. It is recommended that patients gradually reduce their reliance on painkillers after taking NuvaFlexB™ for at least 4 – 6 weeks.

How is NuvaFlexB™ different from anti-inflammatory drugs?

NuvaFlexB™ has been found to contain a blend of carbohydrate, lipids and proteins which are able to help joint repair by addressing the origins of the condition thereby helping the body to heal. NuvaFlexB™ does not cause gastric or kidney damage. On the contrary, it has to be noted that NuvaFlexB™ is not a painkiller and will not work instantly to relief pain. This is because the joint repair process in which NuvaFlexB™ is affecting, takes time.

Can those with high blood pressure take NuvaFlexB™?

Yes, even those with high blood pressure can take NuvaFlexB™. However, those on a completely salt-free diet should avoid NuvaFlex B™ as very small amounts of natural sea salts are found in NuvaFlexB™. The following people should also avoid NuvaFlexB™:

  • Anyone with an allergy to seafood.
  • Those who have gout because people with gout should avoid food which may trigger an attack such as seafood.

How soon can I expect results?

NuvaFlexB™ is a natural product and not a drug whose effects are immediate. The discomfort of joints is a slow and gradual process. Most people experience results within 6 weeks, others are not until after 12-14 weeks of taking Biolane® regularly. Just as the process of arthritis develops long before symptoms are felt.

Can I take NuvaFlexB™ when I am Pregnant?

Even though studies show that it is safe, we DO NOT recommend that NuvaFlexB™ be taken during pregnancy. However, lactating mothers may safely take NuvaFlexB™.

Are there any side effects?

Biolane® the active ingredient in NuvaFlexB™ has been sold internationally for more than 30 years with no side effects having been reported. However, a number of patients have reported an initial increased in pain, stiffness or joint discomfort after commencing which is a temporary condition. Patients with such symptoms often go on to experience good results upon continuing.

Why do people look for Biolane® Logo?

People look for the Biolane® logo to ensure that they are getting the original, and good Active New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Extract. These discerning users will benefit from the on-going Biolane® branded research and its credible science.