• Back to My Garden

    I started having joint pains in my knees when I was 44. Painkillers were then part of my daily diet. After 3 months of taking Biolane, I was shocked to nd that I could walk down the stairs NORMALLY! Now I no longer need those daily medications and regular injections.

    Three years later, I’m still on Biolane, still gardening and enjoying the great outdoors.

    Veronica Albela, Homemaker, 50 years, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Back to My Golf

    A few months ago I had severe pain over both my shoulders, hips and knee joints. I couldn’t walk properly or squat or even get up the stairs much less consider golfing.

    After 2 months of NuvaFlex B, I found that the joint pains were gone! Now free from painkillers, I’m back to an active life and my beloved golf game.

    Eddy Lee, Avid Golfer, 67 years, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Back to My Guitar

    The joint pains in my fingers and shoulders started 13 years ago. I could not even draw the curtains. Obviously I didn’t like this at all as I love keeping busy and being useful. I found the effects of Biolane very slow and gradual. However, 3-4 months later, I realized that my joint pains were gone!

    Today, I still feel like a young man – still sailing and playing the guitar I so love.

    John Croft, Marine Scientist, 81 years, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Back to My Sports

    Being an active sportsman before, I’ve suffered knee pain over the last 8 years. I’ve also been on medicines and jabs for years without much improvement. Whenever I stood or walked for too long, my knee would be “frozen” the next day. It was very frustrating. After 3 months of taking NuvaFlex B regularly, I was amazed to find myself free from joint pains.

    Best of all, I can now work out without any discomfort!

    Colin Sta Maria, Former National Hockey Player, 55 years, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Back to My Travels

    I have been having knee pain which affected me badly when I was travelling last year. Unfortunately, my knee started acting up just when I was due to travel again recently. I was recommended to get NuvaFlex B.

    To my surprise, NuvaFlex B worked after three months and I greatly enjoyed my trip to Europe without any knee problems even in the cold weather of Switzerland.

    Ng Soon Min, HR Practitioner, 52 years, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Back to My Social Life

    The pain in my knee was intolerable. So much of suffering and no amount of pain-killers, ointments, or knee massages could help. Each passing day was a torment and slowly I had to reduce my daily activities and outings. My greatest pleasure is gardening and that too was a torture. Depression set in, I was getting confined to the chair. I then started taking NuvaFlex B. I was patient knowing it takes time for these things to work. I’ve now been a year on NuvaFlex. I’m back on my feet gardening, outings with my friends and even overseas travel. Thank you Nuvaflex B!

    Sunithi Devi, Homemaker, 75 years, Ipoh, Malaysia.
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